Tigas in Bigas 2023
May 19-21


Note: Names in red  are new attendees with hotel, air or similar reservations. Everyone else is older reservations. 
 If you have made air. hotel or similar reservations and your name is not listed please email us at: vegas2023@as-manila-alumni.net

Updated: May 9 (Note: There have been some cancellations and so their names have been removed.)

1970-1972 1973-1974 1975-1976 1977-79 1980s Other Classes  Friends
Andy Butler Kurt Baker Carol Baldwin Goodwin Rita Aldaco Ensign August Heiss
George Drysdale Adam Cafage Cara Black Steve Assad Miro Jennefer Dorfeld Jeffers 
Luis Larcina Fred Gleeck Mary DiCarlo Sheryl Brister Salim Miro
Les Kayanan Peter Labhan  Cynthia Farris Thomas Carlos  Tessie Sisson
Jeff Pappas Liz Hamra  Vince Gonzales  Liz Dixon Evans Joanne Wagner
Susan Samara Zaloom Jeff Phillips Jagdish Mirani Brent Hemenway
Henry George Slonsky Susan Butler Niblock Beth Hodge Reizman
Steve Sinesio Scott Swiryn Mike Lipman
Alan Stewart Rick Velayo Karl Meyer
Joelle Williams Cathy Otstott  Class Unknown
Roni Ziemba Michelle Palmer Alvino Jaime Holzhauer
Renu Pathak Miles
Beth Rhodes 
  Russell Santos
  Kris Smith  
  Melissa Staley Peterson
  Lainy Wagner
  Lisa Wagner Perkins
    Julie Griffin Whisnant 
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